Texas Marriage
Verification Letter

Do you need to request a Texas Vital Statistics records search and order records locally quickly on an official Texas marriage verification letter from the Vital Statistics Division of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)?

Please note when ordering marriage verification letters online and getting a Texas marriage records database search done on Texas marriage verification letters this can only be done on Texas marriages from 1966-present.

What is a Texas
Marriage Verification

The differences between a Texas marriage verification letter versus Texas marriage license are (also called a marriage confirmation letter sample or date of marriage verification letter) a Texas marriage verification letter is a one page verification letter of marriage that is issued from the Texas Vital Statistics office in Austin, TX.

This record is open to public record (non-protected records) and as such can be ordered and obtained by any legal American citizen that requests it.

The only Texas marriage record information that is listed on a Texas marriage verification letter (see example below) is the married couple’s full legal name, the Texas county of where the marriage took place, and the date of the marriage.

Unlike a Texas marriage verification letter an official raised seal certified Texas marriage license is not public record (they’re classified as Texas protected records) so only an immediate family member of the couple named on the Texas marriage license (the registrants) can legally order one from the State of Texas.

According to Section 181.1(13) of the Texas Administrative Code what qualifies as an immediate family member for a current Texas resident is the registrant (YOU if you’re the person listed on the Texas marriage certificate or Texas marriage license), his or her guardian, or the children, spouses, parents, siblings, or grandparents of the registrant.

If you’re a non-Texas resident then only the two registrants (the married couple) can order your own Texas marriage licenses and you can only order marriage records for your own children if you’re listed as the legal parent on the official State of Texas birth records database.

Texas marriage verification letter example.
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Texas Marriage
Verification Letter

Step 2:
Scan & Email
Government ID Copy

Scan and email us a valid (can’t be expired) clear photocopy of your U.S driver’s license, U.S passport, U.S state identification card, U.S military ID card or U.S permanent resident card.

Your ID photocopy needs to be the front side only (top and bottom pages if using a U.S passport) and the scanned photocopy can be in color or black/white.

If you don’t have access to a scanner at your home, work, or apartment complex you can download a free scanner app to your Android or Apple smartphone device.

Use it to take a photo of your government issued ID and the app will turn the photo into a PDF which you can then email us.

You can also take a regular picture of your identification with your cellphone and email that to us.

If using a cellphone photo it must be a clear not a fuzzy, blurry, or grainy photo because we need to be able to print your photo out clearly.

This is important because when we physically present it to the Texas Vital Records office when we rush file your Texas marriage verification letter application form.

DSHS can reject your application if they feel your ID copy is not readable. 

Step 4:
Purchase Prepaid
Return Shipping Label

Visit www.FedEx.com, www.UPS.com, www.USPS.com, or www.DHL.com to create and purchase a prepaid return shipping label.

Download it (the label that is created will be in PDF format) and then email the PDF shipping label to us so we can print it out and use it to mail all your documents back to you.

Once Birth Certificate Texas receives all four of the above required documents from you via email we’ll reply back to confirm receipt of your documents.

If we see any potential issues or errors made by you with your documentation we’ll let you know right away.

This way you can rescan and send us clearer ID and authorization form copies (the most common issue) or worse case you’ll need to go get the authorization form re-notarized because we caught an error on it that you or the notary public made that would result in the application being rejected by the State of Texas.

Emails You Can
Expect From Us

You’ll receive one of two second emails from Birth Certificate Texas after the first confirmation of receiving your documentation email.

The first email you’ll receive from Birth Certificate Texas is a congratulatory email stating that we’ve successfully retrieved an official certified Texas marriage verification Letter from the Texas Vital Statistics office for you and we’ve dropped your documents off at the courier (FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL) that you chose to ship with.

We’ll also attach a photo of your new Texas marriage verification letter before we mail it back to you as instant verification proof to put your mind at ease.

You’ll receive a second email from Birth Certificate Texas if any issues arise when we hand filed your Texas marriage verification letter application with the State of Texas.

Issues such as no Texas death records were found on the person listed on the application when Texas Vital Records did its initial database search or a possible Texas marriage verification letter application form mistake was made by you which resulted in the state not being able to run a proper search for your Texas marriage records.

Most Common
People Make

Some of the most common mistakes that people make when they’re filling out the Texas marriage verification letter authorization form are they spell their own name wrong (we kid you not, this happens), the name of the spouse listed on the Texas marriage record or one of the parent’s names.

People also put down the wrong city and county of where they think they were married at in Texas, they put down the wrong marriage date, they check the wrong box where it asks what is your relationship to the person whose name is listed on the Texas marriage verification letter that you’re requesting or they wrongly write in a name in the one field on the form where it must be left blank (we state on the form to leave it blank).

If the Texas Vital Records office can’t find a Texas marriage record for you the same day that we hand file your Texas marriage verification letter application (this only happens about twenty percent of the time in our experience) it will then be automatically forwarded off to what Texas Vital Statistics calls the “Search” or “Search Team” department.

Texas Vital Records will then give us a paper credit card receipt for the payment that we gave them to be able to file your Texas marriage verification letter application with them on your behalf and on the credit card receipt they will list your unique Texas marriage record application file ID number.

Birth Certificate Texas will then forward that ID number onto you via email as well as scan a copy of the actual application form that we filed on your behalf with all the Texas Vital Records staff notes on it.

This is our proof that we did in fact file your Texas Marriage verification letter application and we filed it properly in the time frame (same business day or four business day) that you paid us to do.

When The State Can’t
Find Your Vital Record

The Texas Vital Records Search Team will do an extensive deep database search to see what errors might have been made on your Texas marriage Verification Letter application (the information you gave us) or on the original Texas marriage verification letter record that was filed at the time of marriage (misspellings, wrong date, wrong city or county listed, etc.)

Texas Vital Statistics will search all 254 Texas county databases (not just the one county that you listed on your application form) to hopefully find your official Texas marriage record.

It will take the Texas Vital Statistics Search Team a minimum of ten business days to locate and let us know they found your marriage record and we can come pick it up.

Or they will inform us that no Texas marriage records were found in the official state marriage records database.

This would mean the government of Texas has no official record of that person (the person listed on the application) ever being legally married in the State of Texas.

Ordering Texas
Marriage Verification
Online Cost

Same Business Day
Marriage Records Service

Four Business Day
Marriage Records Service

Texas marriage verification letters and death, birth,
and divorce verification letters.

All Texas application filling fees included in the price.

Money back guarantee if we don’t file your application within the time frame you pay for.

Courier of all your documents to any shipping center (return shipping costs not included).

Application status updates by email or text.

We’re based in Austin, TX, so no middleman for you to go through.

American phone and email support five days a week.

We email you a photo of your documents before we mail them back to you.

*To order more than one Texas marriage verification letter the cost is $75 per additional copies if ordered at the same time.

Acceptable Forms
Of Identification

From the State of Texas Vital Statistics main website these are the only acceptable forms of identification (see the detailed list below) that you can scan and email us that we can physically present to the Texas Department of State Health Services office to be able to obtain an official Texas marriage verification letter on your behalf.

Identification is required to establish proof of identity of the person that is requesting a protected Texas Vital Records search.

Acceptable identification must contain the applicant’s full legal name and photograph.

You must provide to the State of Texas one of the following:

  1. One item from Group A
  2. Two items from Group B, or
  3. One item from Group B and two items from Group C.

Group A: Primary Identification

All identification requirement items must be current and valid (meaning they cannot be expired) and contain the applicant’s name and photograph that establishes the applicant’s identity.

Must Provide One:

  1. United States issued driver’s license (any U.S state)
  2. Federal or state identification card (any U.S state)
  3. United States passport
  4. U.S military uniformed services identification card
  5. U.S concealed handgun license identification card (any U.S state)
  6. U.S pilot’s license identification card (any U.S state)
  7. Federal, state or city law enforcement employment identification card, or employment badge accompanied by employment identification card
  8. Offender identification card issued by the Department of Criminal Justice correctional facility or institution
  9. Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued:
    1. Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
    2. Permanent Resident Card – front and back (Green Card)
    3. Travel Documents
      1. Re-entry permit
      2. Refugee travel permit
      3. Advance parole
    4. SENTRI card
    5. U.S. citizen identification card
  10. United States Department of State issued:
    1. Border crossing card (B1 for business or pleasure or B2 medical purposes)
    2. or Visa

Group B: Secondary ID Type

Must provide two items of different types may be used to establish proof of identity. These forms combined must confirm the applicant’s name, signature, or identifiable photo of the applicant.

Must Provide Two:

  1. Any primary identification that is expired.
  2. Current student identification
  3. Signed social security card, or numident
  4. DD Form 214 Certificate of Release
  5. Medicaid or Medicare card
  6. Veterans Affairs card (VA)
  7. Medical insurance card
  8. Foreign passport accompanied by a Visa issued by the United States Department of State (USDOS).
  9. Foreign passport in accordance with the United States Department of State, Visa Waiver Program.
  10. Certified death certificate from the Department of State (FS-240, DS-1350 or FS-545)
  11. Private company employment identification card.
  12. Form I-94 accompanied by the applicant’s Visa or Passport.
  13. Mexican voter registration card.
  14. Foreign Identification with identifiable photo of applicant
    • MatrÍcula Consular is not accepted as any form of identification

Group C: Supporting ID’s

Items of different types may be used to establish proof of identity. Two of these forms combined with one from Group B must confirm the applicant’s name, signature, or identifiable photo of the applicant.

Must Provide Two Combined With One From Group B:

  1. Expired secondary identification from Group B.
  2. Recent utility bill with current address.
  3. Recent paycheck stub.
  4. Public assistance applications or letters.
  5. Signed valid voter’s registration card.
  6. Police report of stolen identification.
  7. Official school transcript.
  8. Bank account statement.
  9. Social security letter.
  10. Marriage license.
  11. Divorce decree.
  12. Certified death certificate from Department of State (FS-240, DS-1350, or FS-545), or from another state other than Texas or other country.
  13. Automobile insurance card.
  14. Lease agreement.
  15. Loan or installment payment contract.
  16. Promissory notes or loan contracts.
  17. Court order.
  18. Property titles or liens.
  19. Automobile titles.
  20. Library card.
  21. Fishing or hunting license.
  22. Recent medical records or bills.
  23. Auto registration.
  24. Religious records with signature of religious official.
  25. Recent rent receipt with address and name.
  26. Recent cell phone bill or contract.
  27. Federal, state, or local tax records.
  28. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) notices or correspondence.